Une année universitaire à Cardiff

welcome to my new adopted city!!

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Bonjour les Francais!!!!Ce blog sera intégralement en Anglais afin de favoriser l’apprentissage à certaines personnes…C’est vrai, pourquoi serais-je le seul à galérer?Les personnes qui m’aiment et qui souhaitent découvrir un peu plus de ma nouvelle « vie » n’auront donc qu’une seule solution ouvrir de temps en temps un petit dictionnaire d’anglais.Apprends ce qui te semble difficile: tout ce qui est difficile devient facile grâce à l’apprentissage…..

Stradey castle

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A month ago I arrived in Cardiff and already I am part of the English aristocracy … finally I just discovered, I let you admire the pictures…

Stradey caslte
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My Hong-Kong friend
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I present Piu Chiu Kuen but, we’ll call him : KC, it’s more simple. He is a very delightful and human, like all people present in my floor of my accommodation.

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freshers ball
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Here are some of my roommate, during the freshers’ week we have done.I’ll include photos of everyone, for the moment on these pictures there is only one pure Welsh(Roberts,the blond guy, he study Welsh language and French),a German guy(Max who study business), an Indian guy(Ryan who study business too), and a Belgian/English girlv(Laura who study psychology)I don’t remember the names of other people…simple meetings.

Millenium stadium

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Millenium stradium
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The Millennium Stadium is the national stadium of Wales.The all-seater stadium has the capacity for 74,500 supporters and features a retractable roof only the second stadium of its type in Europe, and the largest football stadium in the world with this feature, by capacity.Appointments given in February for Wales vs France….

University of chemistry

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The university of chemistry
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As you can see the university of chemistry is really beautiful, indeed, it is the most beautiful building in the campus. Study in this context is a real privilege.

My bedroom

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My bedroom
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As you know, I arrived in Cardiff and I am well-housed. You can see what looks like my room, especially do not pay attention to storage, I think that the disorder is an English culture, so I fit in…


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